So tonight 8 o’clock South African time Apple started the event everyone has been waiting for. This was the release of the new IPhone software version 3.0. The new software will have about 100 new features so here we go..

Here is a list of new features that would intrest most of us….

1. CUT, COPY and PASTE between apps… so now most of the moaner can shut the hell up, oh yes SHAKE TO UNDO

2. Photos, you can send more then one via email.. this is a must

3. Landscape mode for all mayor apps… so you can now type email in landscape mode…

4. MMS support… dont really know who uses this but here we go… I have not even used it when I had a Nokia as its was just a pain.

5. Sending and receiving standard VCARD for address and phone numbers… now this is neat as it always a pain to send contact details.

6. Record voice notes via the internal mic or external mic… its also edible and sharable.

7. SEARCH, wow this is now available through all mayor apps.. like spotlight

8. Calendar, you can now have a personal, Exchange and Mobile me calendar and there is support for Google cal and Yahoo.

9. SHAKE TO SHUFFLE, this is a nice to have function on the Ipod

10. Stereo Bluetooth support… and A2DP support

11. VPN on demand support

12. “Find my phone” this allows you to find your stolen phone via apples location service.

Well that is the mayor info I got out of the events live feeds… I am looking forward to read more hidden features as soon as the developers start to play with the new software.

For Developers its available today and for use users it available USA summer for free. Oh and for Ipod touch users there will be a 9.95 dollar fee..

Oh and it will work on the first gen IPhone you might just not have the full bluetooth stack available.

Hope you enjoy this bit of tech update


Ok so I have been struggling to to get an error off my work PC. For some reason my office package is telling me that its not valid software. But I installed the CD from the IT staff at the office. So I looked around and found a very simple way to bypass this popup.

I found this on a website called so full cred to them for supplying this work around. I would like to share it with all as it made my pains go away.

Simple Method

  1. Lauch Windows Task Manager.
  2. End wgatray.exe process in Task Manager.
  3. Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.
  4. Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32.
  5. Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32\dllcache.
  6. Lauch RegEdit.
  7. Browse to the following location:
    Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify
  8. Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents
  9. Reboot Windows XP.

Enjoy and I hope it helps you..

I have been in Switzerland and I was looking around at some snow rides. I found this one that is really nice. I would like to take this thing out for a ride.


Gents and ladies…

I have been having trouble with youtube uploads and its been really painful. Last night I waited for some time and it just fails. So this I followed the guys at They suggest or they are using Vimeo to link video on there blogs and where raving about the ease of use.

So I hopped onto the site… created an account and uploaded the first video. It has a progress bar and very easy to use. I uploaded 4 vids after that and it went smoothly. It took a bit of time to come up on the website because they give preferance to the payed users. I really do not have a problem with that. After the upload I started looking at the vids and man it really look nice. The player works good and the quality is super. You can also invite friends and also join groups. 

So go and have a look at site and give it a bash.

Worked for me and I will test it now for the week.

I was looking around for a quick way to lock your screen when you have to go out or step away from your mac. You can use the hot corners but that can be a pain. As we all know Windows has this feature now for some time but Mac has to be different.

So here is a quick way to lock the screen

In spotlight type – Keychain Access – open this utility. On the top bar select the Keychain Access and Preferences.  Under the “General” tab menu, select “Show Status in Menu Bar.” A black padlock will appear in your taskbar in the upper right-hand corner. Close Keychain Access. Now when you click on the padlock, you have a “Lock Screen” option in the drop-down. Selecting it will cause your screen to fade to black and engage your screen saver. 

So now there is an easy way of locking your screen. Also make sure you have a password set on your screen saver.

Enjoy this tip as it helped me allot.

So I got off the plane and had to wait a bit for my baggage as I was not flying first class. But there was no massive queues and I did get my baggage relatively quickly. Ok so I go off to get some of my money exchange… what a joke…. you give them a pack full of notes and they only give you a few back. But then the money feels like its worth more.

So after the money exchange I go and find out where I must go to get the train to get to Hardbrucke… they have this very nice touch screens where you just type in where you want to go and they have all the details there. You pop in cash or card to pay for it. So they dont make it a effort to spend your money. So I hop on the train and there was this lady that asked me if the train is going to stop at Hardbrucke and I said I think so as I am also going there.

hardbrucke train station

So off we go… 10min later I jumped off and it was snowing like mad and I am proper direction less. I get out the train station and I think there are going to be taxi’s but nothing… just buildings and people. So I phoned the hotel.. and they said its just around the corner and I can walk… but then they cannot explain to me where I must go… So I zip up and start walking in one direction… but it does not look like the right way… so I poped into a pizza place and the guy said to me … no no the other way… So there I go back over the bridge and past the train station… down the other side I spotted the hotel sign… what a relief. Walked in and it was really nice… Booked in  and started up the internet in the room to see if I can be online… whoo ha

So I opened all my apps and started updating software. Man the internet is just a dream here.

So The snow stopped now but they predict the whole week to be snowy.

I am going to start working on reading through my work stuff and then I am going for a nice dinner.

So I am off to Switzerland for some work and some sight seeing. I am liking my seat as my wife picked it for me. Nice right at the back and on the axle.
They say the inflight entertainment is good but we will have to see.

Damn but I am hungry. Hope the food is good.

Will keep you posted

Ok here I am testing my blog updating from my Iphone’s wordpress app. I installed this app sometime ago but never had the chance to give it a run. As I am off to Switzerland for 2 weeks I might use this to update my doings.
So I am going to try and keep my blog updated and my facebook acount. Oh and there is twitter.

So many places to update and I think I am noglt going to get allot of time to site around.

So here goes….



I heard a few podcasts that made me believe that the new Windows 7 is better then XP and Vista. So I thought as being a Mac fanboy I would go and give the new OS a test run. Just for the record I am running XP on my work laptop and OSX Leopard on my Mac at home. I had the idea to install Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro CoreDuo at home in Parralels.

So off I went to the MS site and registered to be a Beta tester so that I can download the .iso file. Man what a big download it was…. a whopping 2.44GB. So I started up my ADSL with my 2GB cap and started. It all went well till at 93% the file was moved and the file that I downloaded had a size mismatch. So I had to start all over again.

After I canned the idea of downloading if again at home I went to the office and got it from one of my buds. Now I had the .iso and the key to register.

This morning I started up my parralels and attached my .iso image and started the install. First impressions was good as the install did not ask me 50 questions. It was plain and strait forward. Supply a username and password with hint for the password. It rebooted once after the install that took about 40 min.

After the install was complete I logged in and installed the virtual machine tools and rebooted. After that I was promted to install windows updates and I did that. Lucky there was only 2 and they where small. After another reboot the OS was online and ready to be used. Parralels 4 is running sweet with the new OS and I am very happy with the perfromance so far.

Windows 7 device setup

– 1024MB ram

– 2GHz processor

– 32GB of partition space

If you run Vista with 1GB of memory then you might as well not start it up. With the 1GB I installed its really nice and responsive. I also like the look and feel of the way the OS works. The flow is much smoother. There are also no stupid popup windows that bugs you every 5sec.

I also installed some Gadgets… now this is the same as the Mac’s Widgets…. its easy to find and install…. and there are some nice additions to the desktop that makes it worth while installing.

On the network side… as I am on wireless I did not have to configure anything as the Parralels uses my Mac’s network connection. So no problems in getting that to work.

So as it stands now I am updating my blog with the new IE and that is also much faster then the XP one I have… its got the same look and feeling as the Mac. For instance.. with the mac you can start typing in the address bar and if you find the site you can press enter to accetp. With the old IE you type and you have to arrow down to select the site and then press enter. Extra step that I hated. But in Windows 7 they made it the same as the Mac.

So all in all the new Windows 7 is much better to work with, smoother and the desktop is sleek. I must say I am very happy that Microsoft has learnt from Apple and they made the feel very much like a Mac.

So far I am very happy with the install and workings. I will run it now for a few days and check how it goes.

Hope you enjoyed the basic feedback on Windows 7.

I was looking for a printer to print small 10×15 snaps and some A4 prints. I was looking at some photo magazines to get some idea what is good and what is not. So I found a HP printer that comes in with a decent price and its cheap to run.

So off I go to the shop in South Africa to go and find this printer, but after a whole lot of shop hopping and phoning around I came to the conclusion that this model I want is not in SA yet. Bummer. So I went back to the net to find out what is second best. The model I found and bought was the HP Photosmart C5283. This is a nice all in one printer and its got the new Vivera inks. 

I found this shop assistant that was super helpfull and this is why I bought it. My rule is if the shop dude can answer at least 3 of my tech questions then I am very close to take out my wallet.

At home I popped in my USB cable and installed the HP Mac software, a note of warning after I installed the printer software my Macbook pro did not want to shutdown. I found that my permissions was all wrong for the HP software. So I repaired my permissions and my Macbook shutdown just fine. Weird

So I have made some prints and it works super smooth with the Mac and the print quality is super. The prints on the proper photo paper comes out very nice.

So if you are looking for a nice all round printer, scanner, copier and very nice photo printer then look at the HP range.

Hope you enjoyed.

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