Gents and ladies…

I have been having trouble with youtube uploads and its been really painful. Last night I waited for some time and it just fails. So this I followed the guys at They suggest or they are using Vimeo to link video on there blogs and where raving about the ease of use.

So I hopped onto the site… created an account and uploaded the first video. It has a progress bar and very easy to use. I uploaded 4 vids after that and it went smoothly. It took a bit of time to come up on the website because they give preferance to the payed users. I really do not have a problem with that. After the upload I started looking at the vids and man it really look nice. The player works good and the quality is super. You can also invite friends and also join groups. 

So go and have a look at site and give it a bash.

Worked for me and I will test it now for the week.