I have been busy for the last few months looking, reading saving money to get a flash for my 5D mark2. As you all know this camera is so expensive that they did not bother adding in a flash. But if that is the only downside of the camera then I dont mind as it just makes awesome photos.

I went on ebay and have been watching a few ex2 flash units to get an idea of the price. A new 580ex2 flash from amazon is £350 and I found that the second hand flash units go for almost the same price. For example, out of three units on ebay that is used, so its has the scuff marks, bumps and scratches, all of them went for £260-£280… for that price you are very close to almost getting a new one.

I manage to secure one for around £200….. its has a missing catchlight reflector and further it looked in good condidtion. Well I hope. As I won the bid I got the ball rolling and got the payment in and done. Now I have to wait as the seller has not even made contact… again you can never trust people to do stuff. If I sell anything on ebay I make a point to post the kit as soon as its payed for. So now I have to wait and hope this guy get the time to post the flash as I would really like to give it a try over the weekend.

Now my next step if to find a good remote trigger that fits and work between the 5D mark2 and the 580ex2 flash. I know I can go for the Pocketwizards but one side of the unit cost the same price as the flash and you need two part of it. I also see there are Hahnel remote triggers but again I need to go and find out what model works the best. I know the cheap versions does not do all the nice TTL and ETTL functions but that is what I will have to live without for the time being.

I am also looking in getting a shoot trough brollie, stand and brollie holder. All this is not much but in the end it all adds up.

I will also need to review my batteries and charger…. as I am going to be swapping batteries often as the 580ex2 is heavy on battery power.

Now I need to get busy and hope that this guy post the flash so I can start uploading some test pictures. As I need to do another shoot soon and I would like to spend as much time as possible with the flash and my setup.

I will keep you posted ….