So tonight 8 o’clock South African time Apple started the event everyone has been waiting for. This was the release of the new IPhone software version 3.0. The new software will have about 100 new features so here we go..

Here is a list of new features that would intrest most of us….

1. CUT, COPY and PASTE between apps… so now most of the moaner can shut the hell up, oh yes SHAKE TO UNDO

2. Photos, you can send more then one via email.. this is a must

3. Landscape mode for all mayor apps… so you can now type email in landscape mode…

4. MMS support… dont really know who uses this but here we go… I have not even used it when I had a Nokia as its was just a pain.

5. Sending and receiving standard VCARD for address and phone numbers… now this is neat as it always a pain to send contact details.

6. Record voice notes via the internal mic or external mic… its also edible and sharable.

7. SEARCH, wow this is now available through all mayor apps.. like spotlight

8. Calendar, you can now have a personal, Exchange and Mobile me calendar and there is support for Google cal and Yahoo.

9. SHAKE TO SHUFFLE, this is a nice to have function on the Ipod

10. Stereo Bluetooth support… and A2DP support

11. VPN on demand support

12. “Find my phone” this allows you to find your stolen phone via apples location service.

Well that is the mayor info I got out of the events live feeds… I am looking forward to read more hidden features as soon as the developers start to play with the new software.

For Developers its available today and for use users it available USA summer for free. Oh and for Ipod touch users there will be a 9.95 dollar fee..

Oh and it will work on the first gen IPhone you might just not have the full bluetooth stack available.

Hope you enjoy this bit of tech update