I was looking around for a quick way to lock your screen when you have to go out or step away from your mac. You can use the hot corners but that can be a pain. As we all know Windows has this feature now for some time but Mac has to be different.

So here is a quick way to lock the screen

In spotlight type – Keychain Access – open this utility. On the top bar select the Keychain Access and Preferences.  Under the “General” tab menu, select “Show Status in Menu Bar.” A black padlock will appear in your taskbar in the upper right-hand corner. Close Keychain Access. Now when you click on the padlock, you have a “Lock Screen” option in the drop-down. Selecting it will cause your screen to fade to black and engage your screen saver. 

So now there is an easy way of locking your screen. Also make sure you have a password set on your screen saver.

Enjoy this tip as it helped me allot.