I was looking for a printer to print small 10×15 snaps and some A4 prints. I was looking at some photo magazines to get some idea what is good and what is not. So I found a HP printer that comes in with a decent price and its cheap to run.

So off I go to the shop in South Africa to go and find this printer, but after a whole lot of shop hopping and phoning around I came to the conclusion that this model I want is not in SA yet. Bummer. So I went back to the net to find out what is second best. The model I found and bought was the HP Photosmart C5283. This is a nice all in one printer and its got the new Vivera inks. 

I found this shop assistant that was super helpfull and this is why I bought it. My rule is if the shop dude can answer at least 3 of my tech questions then I am very close to take out my wallet.

At home I popped in my USB cable and installed the HP Mac software, a note of warning after I installed the printer software my Macbook pro did not want to shutdown. I found that my permissions was all wrong for the HP software. So I repaired my permissions and my Macbook shutdown just fine. Weird

So I have made some prints and it works super smooth with the Mac and the print quality is super. The prints on the proper photo paper comes out very nice.

So if you are looking for a nice all round printer, scanner, copier and very nice photo printer then look at the HP range.

Hope you enjoyed.