Ok so I have been on IPhone software version 3.0 gold master release for some time. I have also unlocked the software function to allow me to use the tethering option on the phone.


As I am on a Mac I find it much easier to use the tethering on the phone as to go and get a dongle and rely on 3rd party software to make my connection work. So I have the USB 3G dongle from Swisscom aswell and it works great but with the IPhone and the tethering its instant.

I had to jump though one hoop to get the software function working as its not enabled if you install 3.0 on the phone. So here goes.

First u update your iphone 3G to 3.0 software. After the restarts you mail this file to your mail account and install it. It will install as a package. You can do a restart but its not needed.


After the package is installed you can go to Setting/general/network/internet Tethering…

In you can enable the bluetooth one to pair with your Macbook or you can use it with your USB cable. It works really well and you do not have to install any software on you Mac.

Well I hope this helps