So I got off the plane and had to wait a bit for my baggage as I was not flying first class. But there was no massive queues and I did get my baggage relatively quickly. Ok so I go off to get some of my money exchange… what a joke…. you give them a pack full of notes and they only give you a few back. But then the money feels like its worth more.

So after the money exchange I go and find out where I must go to get the train to get to Hardbrucke… they have this very nice touch screens where you just type in where you want to go and they have all the details there. You pop in cash or card to pay for it. So they dont make it a effort to spend your money. So I hop on the train and there was this lady that asked me if the train is going to stop at Hardbrucke and I said I think so as I am also going there.

hardbrucke train station

So off we go… 10min later I jumped off and it was snowing like mad and I am proper direction less. I get out the train station and I think there are going to be taxi’s but nothing… just buildings and people. So I phoned the hotel.. and they said its just around the corner and I can walk… but then they cannot explain to me where I must go… So I zip up and start walking in one direction… but it does not look like the right way… so I poped into a pizza place and the guy said to me … no no the other way… So there I go back over the bridge and past the train station… down the other side I spotted the hotel sign… what a relief. Walked in and it was really nice… Booked in  and started up the internet in the room to see if I can be online… whoo ha

So I opened all my apps and started updating software. Man the internet is just a dream here.

So The snow stopped now but they predict the whole week to be snowy.

I am going to start working on reading through my work stuff and then I am going for a nice dinner.