I heard a few podcasts that made me believe that the new Windows 7 is better then XP and Vista. So I thought as being a Mac fanboy I would go and give the new OS a test run. Just for the record I am running XP on my work laptop and OSX Leopard on my Mac at home. I had the idea to install Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro CoreDuo at home in Parralels.

So off I went to the MS site and registered to be a Beta tester so that I can download the .iso file. Man what a big download it was…. a whopping 2.44GB. So I started up my ADSL with my 2GB cap and started. It all went well till at 93% the file was moved and the file that I downloaded had a size mismatch. So I had to start all over again.

After I canned the idea of downloading if again at home I went to the office and got it from one of my buds. Now I had the .iso and the key to register.

This morning I started up my parralels and attached my .iso image and started the install. First impressions was good as the install did not ask me 50 questions. It was plain and strait forward. Supply a username and password with hint for the password. It rebooted once after the install that took about 40 min.

After the install was complete I logged in and installed the virtual machine tools and rebooted. After that I was promted to install windows updates and I did that. Lucky there was only 2 and they where small. After another reboot the OS was online and ready to be used. Parralels 4 is running sweet with the new OS and I am very happy with the perfromance so far.

Windows 7 device setup

– 1024MB ram

– 2GHz processor

– 32GB of partition space

If you run Vista with 1GB of memory then you might as well not start it up. With the 1GB I installed its really nice and responsive. I also like the look and feel of the way the OS works. The flow is much smoother. There are also no stupid popup windows that bugs you every 5sec.

I also installed some Gadgets… now this is the same as the Mac’s Widgets…. its easy to find and install…. and there are some nice additions to the desktop that makes it worth while installing.

On the network side… as I am on wireless I did not have to configure anything as the Parralels uses my Mac’s network connection. So no problems in getting that to work.

So as it stands now I am updating my blog with the new IE and that is also much faster then the XP one I have… its got the same look and feeling as the Mac. For instance.. with the mac you can start typing in the address bar and if you find the site you can press enter to accetp. With the old IE you type and you have to arrow down to select the site and then press enter. Extra step that I hated. But in Windows 7 they made it the same as the Mac.

So all in all the new Windows 7 is much better to work with, smoother and the desktop is sleek. I must say I am very happy that Microsoft has learnt from Apple and they made the feel very much like a Mac.

So far I am very happy with the install and workings. I will run it now for a few days and check how it goes.

Hope you enjoyed the basic feedback on Windows 7.