I have decided to take my photography to the next level…. spot joining millions of groups and posting photos all over the place. I have now joined a site that makes all that easier. I can post to one place and it will them post to all my links, that include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and my WordPress blog. So it makes my workflow much easier and I dont have to go and login to each to get my new photo out to the masses. So I hope this works. Oh and the wedsite that can do all this is POSTEROUS.COM. Try it

I am also busy looking at ways to get more active with my photography and would really like to start shooting more portraits, weddings and maternity baby photos. I have done it for some friends and I really enjoy it. I have also my wife that helps me out so its good to get her input for ideas.

So keep a look out as I am now going to start posting more and getting better at producing better photo. As they say … there is light at the end of the tunnel.