So I have been using my model 755 Garmin gps that I bought when I arrived here in Switzerland. It gets you from one point to the other but the interface for a new model is not that great. If you have been using an Iphone for some time now you would understand.


– The normal gps functions, recalculate, recalculate oh shut up you piece of turd


– Startup is good but for a new all powerfull machine not quick anough

– Why cant I disable the warnings in the begining, if you have seen it once then you know it…

– The touch screen is slow to respond and with the use of your finger its a pain. I think a pen is the best option. We took some friends to Engelberg and I by mistake press the wrong endpoint… a nice 2 hour route ended up in 4 hours

– Photos… haha they want you to take the gps and plug it into a pc and then attach photos to the locations what a waste of time. Put a 3MP camera in so that you can take a snap and then add it to the location.

So I have been waiting for the tomtom to bring out the car mount…. and its here at last. You can order it from the apple store and wait 3-4 days 150chf. The software cost 150chf and then you get all the maps. I am really keen to look into this but I would like to get some feedback from people that are using the app and the car mount.

Car mount price:

So if you are in Switzerland or any EU country some feedback would be great.