So I was wondering if I must upgrade my 3G Iphone with the GM 3.0 software. So I did it. I downloaded the ipsw file and did a restore. But first I did a full sync and made sure that the backup is current as sometimes if you don’t force a backup it does not replace the copy in your backup preferences. So with the backup done I started the restore. It took a long time and the phone restarted twice. After that did a quick check and everything was working great.
I checked the cut, copy and paste, OK. Also the new iPod features that you can increase the audio speed on a podcast and reload the podcast and mail it to a friend.

I left the phone for 2 days to check and it’s solid. I did a full sync and man did that take long for some reason. Maybe there are going to be a newer release out with the launch tomorrow, we will have to see.

So I have been running it now for more than a week and no problems just better websurfing speed and super nice touches. I also got the tethering working and if you use it on a Mac you will be super impressed as it pairs via Bluetooth and with the USB cable without a problem.

Landscape keyboard in all apps are super, spotlight search across the whole phone is super, any many more

I will list some addons in another post

I will see what version they release tomorrow and hope it’s the same.