So I went to the UK about 2 weeks ago to go and show my lovely lady around the place to see if she likes it. All went well till we stumbled across a place called ASK electronics in Tottenham court road….mmm This is where I saw a whole range of Canon lenses and they where all there for the testing and touching. So I asked the guy… what is a nice portrait and low light lens… he said to me look at the 50mm f1.4. So I had a look and took some snaps of it in the shop. I was very impress with the amount of light it allows in so that you dont have to use a flash. I also showed my fiance that if I take a pic of her the background is totally out of focus. Thats a good thing for the ladies…. it makes sure when you take a picture of them they are the focus point. haha

So I went out the shop to cool down and that evening I did my research… luck me the UK dont have a problem with internet speeds. I found that this is a very nice walk around and portrait lens. So the next day I went back and got a nice new shiny lens.

I have been playing around with it and I am totally impressed. The low light perfrormance, built qualty and sharpness are just super.

Oh yes and the price is a steal too.