So I have been trying for a long time now to get my Macbook Pro 15″ core duo’s battery replaced. I read on some of the forums and Apple websites that there was a bad batch of batteries that did not hold the charge for long. So I went to my supplier and they told me I will have to buy a new battery. I was a little discourage about this so I left it for some weeks.

The other day I thought I might give it a bash again. So I phoned the other shop in Cape Town that also stock Apple kit and asked them if they can see if they can do a warranty on the battery. It was not 2 days later that I received a call to tell me that the warranty claim is in and they are waiting on Apple to approve. So again I just left it.

I followed on Monday and she told me that the warranty has been approved and it going to take 4-7 days to the battery to arrive. Wow I was very happy.

So now I have to wait till next week to get my new battery. Also if you think that they are suppose to phone me back and not I phone them… haha that is not going to happen in South Africa. If you need information then you need to phone and follow up. I think its just a case of BAD SERVICE.

I will keep you posted