So the new Iphone software is out and there are quite a few people that are having success in upgrading and using the new software. There are also a few problems with the new software as it upgrades the baseband version on the 3G phones. This is only for the 3G phones. The 2G phones they leave the baseband firmware alone.

I have also seen allot of talk of people upgrading not restoring but UPGRADING there 2G phones from a pwange 2.0.1 phone running software version 2.0 to the new software version 2.0.1 through Itunes without the phone being locked.

So there are now PWNAGE update tool out as yet. The PWNAGE 2.0.1 for MAC does not work with the new .ipsw software file so we have to wait for the DEV team to do there magic.

You can upgrade your 2G IPhone with Itunes without locking it again. You will loose your jailbreak software but not the sim unlock or activation.

The 3G phones cannot be sim unlocked as yet but the masters are busy working on that.

I might give the upgrade a bash over the weekend as I want to make sure that the guys tested it thoroughly.

Dev Team blog

Again, a clarification in layman’s terms :-

  • If you own a first generation (2G iPhone), no matter what you do now, you don’t have to worry, the next PwnageTool will get you where you want even if it you prematurely updated. 2G is completely pwned at every conceivable level and you’ll always be OK.  But if you own a 3G iPhone and are looking for unlock in the near future, don’t use Apple’s update yet!
  • If your 3G iPhone is on a regular contract and you always plan to be with the carrier then you can update but you will lose the jailbreak and access to third party (non AppStore) applications.
  • If your 3G iPhone is not on a regular contract and you plan to use it on an alternative network to the carrier that supplied it then do not update unless you do it with the impending PwnageTool update.
  • PwnageTool v2.0.1 does not work with version 2.0.1 of the iPhone or iPod update from Apple.
  • We will release an update to PwnageTool when the testing has been completed and all applied changes have been checked for safety.