So the guys from the Iphone DEV team has been working hard and they are still working hard. They have now released a new version of the pwnage tool that builds a custom firmware file and allows you to upgrade your Iphone to the latest software. They released the MAC only version first and then the Windows version. Both version of the tool has been updated from the initial release to sort out bug fixes.

If you are looking for a very comprehensive guide on the upgrade procedure have a look here:



I used the MAC version and it all went as planned. To be on the safe side I did the following before I started the procedure.

1. Update to Itunes 7.7 reboot and sync iphone to get last full backup

2. Restart my Iphone 2G

3. Download all the requested software and pop it into a folder on the desktop. So everything are together.

My Iphone was upgraded from the first version 1.02 to 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3 and last to 1.1.4 and unlocked with ZIphone. I had no problems with any upgrades as I made sure my phone is clean before I start with any updates or firmware flashing. This is also the first time I am using the pwnage tool.

The only problem with version 2.0 software and the unlock and upgrade are that you loose the where all the 3rd party apps are. But then if you look at it you will have the whole of the appstore in itunes to keep you busy till they bring out the new

My phone is updated with the 2.0 2G .ipsw software and I have not had any trouble with the functionality of the phone, iphone and apps. But then I only have 1 downloaded app at the moment as I want to work and test the basics before I install more apps. I also find that 2.0 software is a bit slower to respond then 1.1.4 but I think they will sort that out in the update 2.01 bugfix

release (coming soon).

So if you want to upgrade give it a bash or if you want to hang 10 for another 2-4 weeks and see if there are another update before you upgrade that is also a good plan.

So let me get on with my testing and fiddling.