Blade400 rebuilt

So after the crash I rebuilt the heli and took it out for its first test flight. Man was I scared… its like flying for the first time. I was shaking like mad. I was just not keen to crash it again.

I just want to again put a thanks out to the Guys from TopFlyte for comming in on a Sunday to supply me with spares. Thanks Dudley.

OK so its spinning up fine but it pulling way too much to the left. I make some ajustments to the left stick. Ok now its better… let get it off the ground. On lift off it pulls to the back…. WOW I almost flew into myself. S£hit man this thing can slice you up. OK put it down and ajust the forward stick. Lift off again and now its sort of center. The heli is still not solid in the air…. its always the problem with everything you crash its never the same after a crash.

After the first battery I took it inside and start giving it a good look over and making ajustments to center the sticks. Aaah I missed something…. there are 6 washers thats suppose be installed on the feathering shaft. I only had 4 on each side. So I take the rotor head off and install the washers in the correct place, tighten up everything and out I go for the second battery.

WOW what a big difference…. its nice and responsive and solid. Again some ajustments on the push rods to compensate for the heli pulling left and sweetness. She is back to her old self.

Now this took me about 4 hours and 4 batteries to get it properly tuned in. The secret is to take your time and make one ajustment at a time so you can learn about what every ajustment do to the flying of the heli.

So now I am all ready to fly and we are having the worst weather in months. Rain rain and more rain

Just had a look at the weather and tomorrow might be a uber day.

cya all and keep on flying