So I was getting very comfortable with the new Heli… I was really pushing my limits and I knew something is going to go wrong sooner or later. So this is what happened…. On Friday on my way back from work I was gearing down to overtake a car and when I switched to 3rd gear there was just nothing. So I had to free home and then drive only with 2nd gear engaged. This is not good news as I know its going to cost a fortune to get a Lumina UTE’s gearbox fixed. But I was in high spirits as it was Friday and I was ready to get the weekend thing started.

So I said to my lady that I am going to get up early the Saturday and go out and get some nice photographs of birds at the local spot. But now that my car is not working I got ready to take the bike out the next morning. So the next morning come and I am fully charged up and dressed to go on the bike. So I kiss my lady goodbye and start up the bike….. haha it only made a click. Battery flat…. it did not even turn the engine a bit. So there I was in all my kit and no where to go. So I rushed inside and got all the kit off and jumped into the ladies car. Rush to the local spot and when I arrvied there it was so misty that I could not even see the birds. So I had my packed in muffens and sat and listerned to the sounds of the birds.

So I arrive back home after a bit of a waste of time photographing birds. But my mood was still high… I popped the bikes battery on charge before I left to go take photos and when I got home the battery was fully charged. Happeness.

I was cruzing around the house the rest of the morning to where I got this bright idea to try and fix the leaking tap in the spare room. What a mistake… I struggled for an hour and a half to get the pipe sealed again. So I got really worked up… and I thought I will take a break and go and fly my Heli. I was relaxed and focused. Started the Blade 400 up and poped off the ground into a nice hover. Wow how I like this heli. So I venture out into the street and start to practice rolling to the left and right at about 2 meters. All went well. Then I started to do forward flight and flick it up to horizon. After the 5th horizon the heli stalled and the tail flipped out and it came in with the nose first towards me. So everything was the wrong way around. I did not know what side is what and I got totally con fussed. So the Blade came down from about 2 stories and crashed into the ground next to the house. It went down with a loud bang…. oooh not too good. I was really keen to run and try and catch it but I thought I would be sliced up.

So after a min or 2 I decided to go and look around the corner and see if the Blade 400 has something to selvage.  So I peak around the corner and the blades where all over the place and everywhere there where white bits. So I pulled out the batt and picked up the heli and carried it into the house. Man this Blade 400 took a massive knock.

In the house I started taking off the bits and this is what was bent and boken

1. Feathering shaft

2. Main shaft

3. Blades

4. 2x servo’s

5. Canopy

6. Landing skids

7. Tail boom

That was it…. I could not believe it. I then cleaned out all the sand and dust and put all the bent bits apart together and though it would be super if the hobby shop was still open so I can get the parts and build the heli on the Sunday. But I was way to late and all the shops where closed. So I had a beer to calm down and reflect on the days happenings.

Next morning I was up and I was walking around the house trying to think of a plan. So I picked up my phone and texted the guy from the local hobby shop and as it happened he texted back to say he will open the shop for me so that I can come and get some spares. Man I was so impressed with the services I bought loads of extras when he opened the shop for me. The shop is TopFlyte Hobbies in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa. I walked out there with all my spares and loads more. I got home and I told everyone about the excellent service and all the spares he had.

So I was off to my room to build and get everything working again….

I will keep you posted