Blade 400

So I went out and got myself the new Blade 400 RC heli. I was so excited that we… us in South Africa finally received it that I jumped to the opportunity to give my wallet a workout.

So I had my name down at my local hobby shop and I was on the list when they phoned to say come and collect. I had to wait till after work to go and collect but it was worth it.

I payed and I was out of the shop in 15 min flat. I just needed to get home and get the battery on charge. At home I unpacked the heli and if I compare this to my King Bee 2 then this is a pro piece of kit. So the battery was on charge and I was busy reading through the manual. Its a proper manual for the heli and a very indept manual for the 2.4Hz Spectrum DX6i remote.

Key feature

  • Completely assembled and tested at the factory
  • Capable of sport flying and 3D aerobatics right out of the box
  • Includes Spektrum’s DX6i 2.4GHz DSM2 6-Channel computer programmable transmitter and factory-installed AR6100e Microlite receiver
  • DS75 Digital Sub-Micro servos and G110 Micro Heading Lock gyro offer precise and powerful control
  • 420H brushless motor, 25-amp brushless ESC and 3S 11.1V 1800mAh 20C Li-Po battery deliver incredible power and performance
  • CCPM control with push-pull elevator and direct-to-swash aileron/pitch linkages
  • Stainless steel flybar, main shaft and tail shaft

I started up the heli without the motor connected to see if all the servos are opperating correctly. They were all setup perfect. Next was to make sure that I have a nice open space so I can spin up the motor and see if there are nothing set wrong. Again it was all perfect. The Heli spun up and everything was super stable.

Next – lift off

Being a bit on the nervous side about flying in the garage, as I crashed my King Bee 2 badly . Now remember I have no extended landing gear installed… so I am risking a crash again. But to my surprise the heli just lifted off the ground without any problems. It was super stable with no tail drifting. The DX6i radio was setup perfect as I was used to very small movements on the controls as the King Bee2 did not have a option to set the sensitivity on the sticks.

Next – landing

That went very well. I checked all the controls again. Then I spun up the heli again. Again it went all fine… I hovered out the battery and it lasted for about 10 min.

Next – Battery charger

The battery charger thats supplied with the heli only charges from the car’s 12Volt battery with the 2 battery clips supplied. I still need to get a wall charger.


The first 4 flights with the heli went down very smooth. I have not had a chance to take it outside as the wind was blowing like mad. As far as I can conclude from the hovering, is that this heli is really up there with the T-Rex and maybe even the Mini Titan. As the price you pay for the quality of the heli and radio are just excellent.

So let me stop boring you…. lets go fly