Canon 70-200 L lens

So, I was taking loads of pictures with my new Canon 400D with the kit lens. It was all going good till I got a wiff of the Canon L lenses. Oh my wallet is going to hurt.

So I started reading articles and review about the range of L lenses and it was just very difficult to decide witch one I want. Man that was the most difficult.

Do I want to shoot weddings, wildlife, birds, landscape and so on. I also spoke to a few friends about witch one to get but no one really helped… and we dont really have a try before you buy facility here in South Africa.

So I went out and got the 70-200 f4 L lens. Its a beauty but I would have loved the 100-400 as most of my shots are of wildlife and sports.

But I am very happy with my purchase and I now have to work on my stalking skill to get closer to my subjects.

I have posted a few pics on Flickr and I will keep on posting to measure my progress.

So get out there and shoot