So I took took the plunge and updated my iphone from 1.1.2 software with Anysim 1.1.2u. So what they have done now makes it so easy and it only takes 3-4 min to unlock, activate and jailbreak your phone. Well for that matter a fact any IPhone that you can buy now. 

So here is the link I used for a guide. Make sure you read it carefully as there is always a risk involved. And espesially in South africa where if the phone bricks on you then you have to take out allot of cash to get another one.


Software (ZIphone)

Version 2.2 was a very stable and easy to use version, but it only supported Windows XP and Vista. So I had to upgrade my iphone software to 1.1.3 via Itunes on my MAC and then run the unlock on my Win XP machine.The new version is out and I will post another link for it.