Wow, Today was the first day of zibri’s amazing all in one iphone tool.

Zibri is an iphone god, please visit and donate to him at:

You can download the 1.1.3 firmware here:,1_1.1.3_4A93_Restore.ipsw

Or download it Via Itunes.

Update to 1.1.3!

OK. Basically, we are going to download this package:;9615637;/fileinfo.html

Unzip it anywhere on your computer.

Run the .exe ZiPhoneUI

If you are running a BRAND NEW out of the box 1.1.3 or 1.1.2, Keep everything checked.

If you are running a UPDATED version of 1.1.3, uncheck the UNLOCK box now.

Click, the big beautiful button: FREE MY IPHONE!

If your a luck 4.9 Brand new iphone Outof the box, your DONE! Now enjoy your iphone!

If you are on Bootload 3.9:

Jump on to installer that was installed onto the phone.

Add the source: “

Download the anySIM 1.1.3. Go to settings and set your Auto lock to never and your phone to Airplain mode run anySim and ENJOY!

Smiley Happy iPhoning!